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Tile Cleaning

Cleaning dirty tile and grout has become a huge issue over the past few years. Shop bought tile and grout cleaners often prove ineffective at cleaning dirty grout. Grout lines in particular tend to discolour and can also become mouldy very quickly.

By combining emulsification, heat, pressure and vacuum, we have created a formidable tile and grout cleaning system. Tile and grout cleaning is just one application. However this innovative process not only cleans tile and grout but it lends itself to a whole range of hard surface cleaning, including non-slip safety flooring, natural stone and man made tiles.

By using our bespoke “retriever” cleaning technology we can return tiles and dirty grout lines to as good as new. In addition to cleaning tiled floors in residential properties we at Melbourne Cleaning Solution deep clean changing rooms, swimming pool surrounds and office toilets. Where appropriate we can also install our unique non etching anti slip treatment.

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