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Steam Cleaning

Inspection of your upholstery may be necessary to determinate what kind of fabrics is involved, and decide what cleaning method should be used to accomplish a safe cleaning process.

We clean the upholstery by pre-spraying with delicate, non- toxic chemical to break down the dirt and the stains. After we use special soft hand brushes to work the chemical into the fabric to ensure a deep clean that lasts. The machines are then used to apply a rinse aid and remove most of the moisture. For the finest steam cleaning services in Melbourne, contact Melbourne Cleaning Solution today!

People who don't want stick with machine or operator,we are more happy to receive you call at any time. please call us directly to our one of professional cleaner to assist your requirement quickly.


Q. How often I should steam clean my Carpet?
A. NP Melbourne Cleaning Solution recommend our customer to cleanup their carpet in every One year in some case ( big family, choldren, pets, allergents) we recommend to cleanup carpet 2-3 times in a year.

Q. How often should I have my upholstry steam clean?
A. Your upholstry should be clean in every 12 month.

Q. How can I mantain my carpet clean?
A. Regular vaccumming can help you to mantain your carpet clean, if yo spill liquid try to obserb it with pater towell , IF you drop food try to vaccum ASAP. if you want to know more about carpet cleaning please visit link Carpet cleaning tips

Q. How can I believe NP Melbourne Cleaning Solution?
A. we got the team of professional carpet cleaner who got more then 5 years experience in this profession, If we look our history 99.99% of our customer are more then happy and we got more then 85% of regular customer. WE GUARANTEE 100% SATISFACTION. if not we are happy to refund your money back.

Q. Have you got any recent work picture?
A. we are more then happy to show our clients our work result you can lick below to find before and after picture.
Carpet cleaning picture.

Q. What is your Carpet Cleaning Charges?
A. Our Price list for general carpet cleaning

Q. How can I book for Carpet Cleaning?
A. Simply Call to our friendly staff, if you want fast response.

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