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Rug Cleaning

From Indian and Oriental rugs to modern rugs, Melbourne Cleaning Solution technicians provide a professional rug cleaning service utilising our wide range of products and cleaning techniques.

You can rely on Melbourne Cleaning to bring the original colours of your rug back to life. Our technicians are trained to recognise, test and diagnose the best method of cleaning for your particular rug.

We are able to provide a full rug cleaning service including collection from your home, thorough inspection and appraisal, a deep clean and dry, and grooming. Your rug will be wrapped and returned to its rightful place - in your home.

Useful information about rug cleaning:

  • There are many different types of rug, some are machine made and mass produced; others are rare, antique and very valuable. Safeclean will treat them all with the utmost care and attention.
  • We can clean your rug in-situ or if it’s a larger rug we will take it away and deliver it back all as part of the service.
  • All rugs are cleaned using the appropriate system from sea sponge to the latest machine technologies using our unique organic cleaning range of products.
  • Some rugs need to be cleaned using traditional hand cleaning methods in order to preserve their delicate condition.

Rug care tips:

  • Leave in the sun once or twice a year with the sun facing the back of the rug to destroy enzymes.
  • Lightly vacuum the back and front of the rug once a week - do not vacuum the fringes.
  • Beat the rug once a year over a washing line to remove dust and dirt.
  • Turn regularly to ensure the wear of the rug is even.
  • Comb or brush out fringes using a broad tooth brush.
  • Use protectors on chair legs or tables to protect the rug.

For more information, or to book a Rug Cleaning Services in Melbourne now, please call us. You can also get in touch online via our simple request form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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